Create QR
Create QR effortlessly for customers to earn points or claim exclusive offers quickly.
Show QR
Display QR code on the device at the counter for customers to accumulate points.
Print QR
Print QR codes in large quantities and give them to customers to scan off-premise.
Loyalty Rewards
Reach Customers Anytime Anywhere
Unlimited Announcements
This effective tool helps businesses easily create and share announcements. It keeps customers in the loop about the newest promotions and updates of your business.
AI support
Unlimited Campaigns
Organize your marketing and communication strategy using AI-enabled messages and limit offers. Reach your customers directly with targeted messages and customized offers. Experience instant engagement and connect with your customers in a quick, impactful, and highly effective way.
Customers management
Explore the simplicity of our Customer Management feature, providing a quick overview of all customer transactions. Elevate your insights into customer interactions in order to deliver a powerful, personalized customer experience
Explore the power of our Analytics and Reports. Effortlessly track QR code scans and offer claims, recognize new and returning customers, and seamlessly redeem rewards. It's designed to help you create more cost-effective campaigns and promotions.
Whenever you need
Send customers messages and exclusive offers once they've departed. They're eager to stay connected and to find more reasons to come back!
Label templates
Flexible Label Printing
Discover the convenience of our Label Printing feature, seamlessly printing QR codes based on your saved label templates. Personalize your design, and print with ease, offering a streamlined process for creating custom QR labels.
Merchandising displays & Signage
Explore the capabilities of our Signage feature, allowing businesses to design counter cards and spotlight enticing rewards effortlessly. Boost your promotional strategy by creating visually appealing signage that captivates attention and drives customer engagement.
SMS, Emails, App notifications
Turbo-charge your message with multi-channel SMS, email and App notifications to allow maximum customer reach.
Multiple employees
Regardless of business size this feature enables from one to an unlimited number of employees to use our app from multiple locations
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